Monday, January 29, 2007

Harper's on the attack...

I'm not gonna link to the ads because I'm not gonna hawk Tory propaganda.. but I actually kinda enjoyed the much talked about Tory attack ads against Stephane Dion. Are they effective? In some ways. I think it's good to try and define him before the Libs define Dion, but unfortunately I don't think these ads are playing to the people who Dion would attract to the Liberal party. What Dion can bring IMO are leftist voters and PQ'ers despite his preconceived liability in La Belle Province. Those voters are a bit too sophisticated, and likely a bit more politically savvy for these kinds of ads. What Harper is protecting once more is his base. That's how he's been governing, and unfortunately, he's not gaining anything by doing so as per the latest polls. Harper is a smart guy with a lot up his sleeve, but his execution isn't always perfect. I mean these ads are good for Dion (if you're a good liberal spin doctor). This is free publicity. This gives him the platform to muse about the environment when the lustre from the Liberal leadership campaign was over, and no one was really keen on listening to the new opposition leader. Yes he's being shown in a negative light, but the people he's after know better; plus, Canadians still don't trust the Tories. Either way, I don't know if they were intended to be, but the ads were kinda funny. Maybe because they were kind of amateur? Is Harper scared of Dion? I don't think he's scared, but this latest campaign clearly shows that SH thinks Dion is a worthy opponent. The Tories have actually given Dion a great opportunity to make a splash,.Dion should show his stuff and take advantage. Oh how I miss Chretien... remember him as a Gomery witness. A performance like that would be perfect in responding to these ads.

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