Sunday, January 28, 2007

What is that you say?

Taken from Radwanski Maclean's blog...
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26 January, 2007
Fun with quotes
Stephen Harper, 2007: "Although the events leading up to this terrible ordeal happened under the previous government, our government will do everything in its power to ensure that the issues raised by Commissioner O'Connor are addressed."

Stephen Harper, 2002: "While the minister participated in high level consultations to defend a suspected terrorist..."

Diane Ablonczy, 2002: "Mr. Speaker, it is time the Liberals told the truth: that their system of screening and security checks is pathetic. Arar was given dual Syrian and Canadian citizenship by the government. It did not pick up on his terrorist links and the U.S. had to clue it in."

Stockwell Day, 2002: "When [Bill Graham] thought everything was lovely about this gentlemen, he was talking about him all over the place. But when he gets information he's dangerous, all of a sudden it's 'Oops maybe I shouldn't have said anything.'"

(For the record, if this isn't in a Liberal press release already being distributed, somebody's not doing their job.)

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