Friday, February 2, 2007

Lost in the Struggle

I've seen this video on the fifth estate a few times now, and I just think it's very useful to watch. A year ago gun violence was all the talk in Toronto and in the political scene. Now that the shootings have been further between, there isn't the same rhetoric; that's the problem. The situations that created these "thugs" or whatever name you choose haven't gone away. This video gives a small peak at the lives of those who haven't risen above immigrant parents who were overworked and underpaid, parents who too busy trying to survive financially to give enough time to their kids. One could go on with the reasons, but they've all been spoken about, but not sufficiently acted on. These guys in the video aren't perfect, but who is? Furthermore, under those conditions.. who would be?


+ Marco Polo + said...

if this is ray's blog. you have a very gay blog... and quite boring. i mean, there are no vag shots at all. and you call this politics. you politicking.

Kafo said...

okay this whole lost in the struggle thing i feel you but i mean it's normal. More events= more media attention. These guyz there is nothing unique about them for real. Go to any place start with Ajegunle or Detriot and the result is the same