Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In today, Duceppe tomorrow

Ok so everyone's eating Duceppe's lunch over his supposedly cowardly escape from the PQ Leadership race, but in 2008 this man could look like a genius. What's going on in Quebec politics? There's gonna be an election in the next year, Charest can't do too much better, the Dumont bubble has to burst, and a less referendum focused Marois will be the fresh new leader. What does this mean? Well the pequistes have strong seeds in their province; even though they weren't cultivated properly in the last election, there's still the potential. This woman could just be the H20 that the PQ needs. She's gonna focus on social issues against Dumont who's more right wing. Being more social and less referendum centric, she might also steal from the Liberals who have a weak leader in Quebec. While it might not seem that way now, Duceppe might be separatism's best son. Some call him a coward, but he can also be seen as putting his cause ahead of his personal aspirations. Let's see what'll happen!

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