Sunday, May 20, 2007

Senator Stanley?

Will we be able to for at least one year change dear Mr. Stanley's title from Lord to Senator? Finally, the Ottawa Senators have qualified for the Stanley Cup finals, and as a Sens fan I can say all previous disappointments make this performance so much sweeter (duh)! Sure they haven't won the cup -- there's a series left, but no one can deny how legit the Sens are. The only disappointment? Well the country doesn't seem to be that in love with the Sens, but I guess the rest of the country always looks at Ottawa that way. Not to worry though, the Sens and their faithful have been there working hard and believing despite all the naysayers, so at this point we don't really need a bandwagon to make the load heavier. Still, if you want to donate a polite golf clap, we're more than game (not from you though Stephen Harper). Go Sens Go!

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