Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This seems like as good as time as any to say something

Yes, the poll above is quite a lot of good new for the Grits, and quite a lot of not so good news for the Tories.

What does it mean? Well at that one moment Canadians weren't so happy with the Tories.

What else does it mean? Canadians don't trust the Tories. You don't make such a mad dash when someone you trust slips up.

What should the Liberals do. Well in the worst of times the Liberals supposedly only stand for winning. While this isn't by any means a victory, I hope the smell of blood revs of the Liberals and gets them all on the same page (a boy can dream). They also need to put some better people on those political shows (Politics/Mike Duffy). I'm not insulting these people's capacities as Parliamentarians, but people like Karen Redman aren't silver tongued enough to go against those empty Conservative mouth peices. More of Martha Hall Findlay, she's a convincing speaker. We need a better tone in the press, and we need to be prepared for the attacks from the New Democratic Conservative Party. Step up dream team, and step up on the right issues.

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William B. William said...

I wouldn't rejoice too much yet. Mulroneygate and Dion at Bali should have sent the Liberal numbers soaring and they didn't. One poll does not for an election make.