Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Competitiveness is defined by a broad range of factors including education, health care, and yes, taxes,"

That kind of thinking is exactly why Ontario chose McGuinty/Duncan and rejected Flaherty.

A sound budget with sound ideas such as retraining to enhance workers' job matching in a manufacturing sector that seems to be going through structural changes.

While there were a lot of things broken in the 90's by other governments, McGuinty is tackling them in a balanced, sober approach. Kudos.

Enjoy: http://www.canada.com/topics/news/story.html?id=d03b6f44-6f5a-4b13-962a-dac628ad5c6b

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Den said...

By now, you probably should be able to guess my view -- the government shouldn't be involved in education (-- not in healthcare either). Potential workers are surely competent enough to realize where demand is, and to plan for their own education. Forcing other people (ie. me) to unecessarily pay for their education is wrong. (Taxation is wrong, period).

How do you figure education or health care have anything to do with the loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector? Do you honestly think these companies are leaving because there isn't enough skilled labour around?; or because the health care isn't adequate? It is obviously only because of taxes and their profits -- the only concern for these companies.

Lastly, Ontario didn't choose the liberals. Some people did. Lots of people didn't.