Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Love, War,and the NDP


Bernier. Well the Liberals caught a bit of a break on this one. They pushed the issue and they pulled a rabbit out of Mlle. Couillard's cleavage. Pfft, I don't have to be PC, it's a blog that no one reads. This just shows more and more of what I think which is that the CPC is bad at governing, and it's showing more and more everyday.


Cherniak and Kinsella. Well despite the debate, they're both in the liberal family and I don't like to see them fighting. I know who would: the NDP and the CPC. To Cherniak, Kinsella's fought a few wars before, he's way better at it. Don't enter the jungle and attempt to take down the lion. To Kinsella: he's young, he's passionate, and you have more Tory fish to fry (the man and the party). These guys used to be amicable, so just remember there was something worth admiring before. To both, if you don't have something nice to say, say it about the Tories!

The NDP:

Out of it. They are abandoning their principles to try and make the Liberals look bad. I think a better option would be abandoning Layton. There are some NDP MP's I can tolerate, but the leader and the brand make me regurgitate.

.. now back to So You Think You Can Dance.

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