Monday, June 9, 2008

Boycott Stephen Harper's propaganda

This worthwhile suggestion I saw on Bigcitylib's site is urging people to boycott gas stations that broadcast Tory propaganda.

About the ads:

Well first, I'm not going to doubt the effectiveness of going negative, but I think they would be more more scathing if they hadn't Harped (no pun) on Dion so much, and if they had any credibility in ANYTHING. Especially effective government.

Furthermore, while I understand politics, it's extremely sad that our national's government's biggest move on the environment is to criticize the opposition's supposed plan. 1, the plan is not even released, and 2, shouldn't they be busy coming up with a legitimate plan. Call me a liberal with a sense of entitlement, but Canada wake up.

(p.s to all you "anonymous" Tory talking heads, take it to the gas station.. we've heard enough from you over on

I don't know, but my naive youth has me feeling really sad for the state of government. There's always been politics galore, but never can I remember such a lacking in legitimate policy.


While business is business, some things should be untouchable. CTV acquiring the rights to the Hockey Night in Canada theme song just doesn't feel right. Shakes head.


Anonymous said...

no no, dont boycot them, they are soooooo dumb that people need to see this, frigin amateuristic...

dennisn said...

It sounds like a very stupid idea -- gas stations would only risk losing customers. Nevertheless, YET ANOTHER tax is definitely not a good idea, so in that sense, it is a good message to get across :).

An additional message that encourages motorists to ride a bike instead might also be a good idea. (Not that gas stations would like that idea any better.)

Also, I wish CTV(News) would die a slow bloody tortured death. It is the devil incarnate. The root of all evil. Watching a single episode /will/ reduce your lifespan by at least five years! :|