Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fool's Game

Let's play a game: it's called what do you do after your poor judgment allowed you to make Maxime Bernier a top Quebec minister?

A) you buck the trend and stop trying to play regional politics and just appoint the most qualified people
B) you laugh at me for coming up with "A" because you realize you have so few qualified people
C)you wish you had poached more than just one Liberal
D)you appoint a junior, inexperienced not quite as attractive as Bernier MP to an important post, and you give an unelected cabinet minister another notable position after some think he's been incorrectly using his now former position

If you guessed A, you've clearly never worked in Canadian politics.. but that's not a value judgment. Seriously.

If you guessed B, you'll soon receive a cease and desist order from the PM while John Baird barks, "why don't you laugh like that outside the House of Commons?"

If you guessed C, you probably work somewhere within the PM's inner circle.

And finally, if you guessed D you think talking about Quebec nationhood is a smart thing to do. Oh yea, you might also live at 24 Sussex (I'm not saying who it is.. can you guess?)


Anonymous said...

The thing I do not like about Stevie Joe Harper is that he's a nasty man who is full of dirty tricks.

dennisn said...

Mr. Bernier seems to be a cool dude. Not only does he have good taste in women (seriously), but he's also libertarian-type. I never understood what all the fuss was about. I think everyone should apologize to him, and give him back his old job.

(NATO should also be dismantled (Cold War is over, hello!), and Quebec nationhood is no worse than Canadian nationhood -- maybe a little better since it is less centralized).