Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The only thing dysfunctional is Stephen Harper's version of the truth. Where does he get off saying parliament is dysfunctional when every single one of his confidence motions have passed and he's been able to put through his agenda.

Maybe it's dysfunctional because he no longer has an agenda to put through. I don't think it's a maybe.


Red Tory said...

pssssst. Dysfunctional. With a "y".

m5slib said...

haha yea i thought about that... good looking out.


dennisne said...

It sounds as though this is the first day on your (political blogging) job. Since when did any politician EVER say something entirely truthful, for the sake of truth, and not for the PR-spin? (A: Sadly, never.)

They all (all the main parties) speak in double-speak, half-truths and spun truths -- but never in the truth.

Also, are you libertarian yet, or what!?! :)

(BTW, you /know/ harper is going to win the next election, unfortunately (it could be worse though; ie. a liberal victory!). By a landslide.)

m5slib said...

lol dennis, i'm working on it.. the libertarian thing anyway.

on the election, well harper is favoured, but never discount election campaigns... why do u think harper made this one so short?

dennisn said...

(work faster on the libertarian thing. i'm tired of being an oppressed slave. i don't want to be forced to work for other people's (bad) education, (overpriced) healthcare, (horrible) art, etc ad nauseum. if i wanted these things, i'd gladly pay for them, but the key is, it has to be a VOLUNTARY decision.)

Why did Harper make the campaign so short? To save tax-payer money? Campaigns cost a lot of money. Too much, really.