Friday, October 31, 2008

Flaherty and Harper F'd up the balance sheet.


"The federal Conservative government abandoned prudent budgeting just when it was needed"

"Not only did the government, against the advice of private sector economists, eliminate the annual multi-billion dollar cushion against the impact of an unexpected economic slump in the last budget, but it has let spending get out of control as well"

"The government should be able to avoid posting a deficit this fiscal year by drawing heavily on the multi-billion dollar windfall from its broadcast spectrum auction, but appears to be headed for multi-year deficits"

"Unfortunately, the Conservatives abandoned the principles of prudent budgeting just when they appear they will be needed"


Dante said...

Perhaps you liberals should learn what a balance sheet is before you say someone screwed it up.

I'll give you a hint...think assets and liabilities.


dennisn said...

I'm sick and tired of liberal euphemisms. (Not least of which being the word "liberal" itsef, currently a euphemism for socialism and anti-liberty.) But, in this case, "prudent budgeting", a euphemism for stealing more money from the people to compensate for governmental mis-spending.

[And, of course, god forbid The State Media should question the actual legality of a government forcefully taking our money in the first place. Better to ignore the roots of the problem.]

m5slib said... mean assets like cash or accounts receivable: taxes.

or do you mean liabilities like accounts payable i.e program expenditures

yea, thanks but no thanks.