Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Analysis

From Andrew Steele's Globe and Mail Blog:

Last election, Stephen Harper wanted to be Tim Horton's to Paul Martin's Starbucks.

This time, he's is in danger of becoming Krispy Kreme: a brand that misread the marketplace and was unable to change with the times.

Let me just add, like Krispy Kreme, Harper is full of very little substance and bad for your (the country's) health.

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dennisn said...

It was government intervention that fucked up / is fucking up the US economy. And what is your inclination: MORE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION! Brilliant.

(It started many decades earlier with FDR's and later Clinton's stupid policy to intrude / monopolize in the mortgage lending marketplace (FDR and FNM were effectively government monopolies), for the noble goal of giving poor people houses. And recently, ignoring economic signals of a housing-price bubble, continued with the risky behaviour, fully EXPECTING stupid taxpayers to dutifully pay for any mistakes.)

Listen. You are clearly communist. And that's ok--really. I have no problem whatsoever with you keeping your communist insurance plans, and communist schooling, etc--and you still could with a libertarian government--you take EXACTLY the same programs that currently exist, fund and operate them EXACTLY the same way, except you make it VOLUNTARY.

Why do you INSIST on forcing everyone to pay for things they don't want? Nothing is stopping all you fans of these programs from continuing them--just leave all the unwilling people OUT OF IT!