Thursday, October 2, 2008

Notes from the day after (and the day of the english debate)

Last night I called Duceppe the winner and I'm sticking to that. I said Dion was the clear second place, but apparently francophone voters across the country disagree and give him a little more credit than I do.

Ipsos gives him a 16 point winning advantage over his closes rival, and the La Presse post debate survey gives him very strong competing numbers behind Duceppe.

This begs the question, which debate were Jeffrey Simpson and Don Martin watching.

At least there is a little bit more sensible coverage here. Still, the debate coverage by some of the big media guys shows that their analysis and reaction seems like it was written even before the debate took place. Maybe I'll throw them a bone: I don't know if either are bilingual, and if they're not, that can be their excuse because I don't think Dion's passion and conviction came across as well through a translator.

Still, I stick by my initial reaction that Duceppe was the best with Dion a clear second. I think Dion's performance seemed that much more impressive because of the really low expectation for such and able mind, but as he says, he loves being underestimated.

Oh how I love updates

After how Harper was crushed last night and Flaherty's embarassing 52-29 loss to Brison on that CBC debate thing earlier in the week, no wonder the Tories are avoiding debates.

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