Monday, November 17, 2008

Nestor - the unsung hero

If you bring up the name Mike Weir, most Canadians will have an idea who that is. Surely, you mention any above average hockey player and most Canadian sports fans would be embarassed if they didn't know the subject.

How about an Olympic Champion, career grand slam winning, multiple time ranked number one doubles tennis player? Who? No, I'm not talking about Anna Kournikova - she's missing quite a few of the attributes. She never won a tournament, she's never been number one, and she's certainly not an Olympic champion. And oh yea, she's not Canadian.

Daniel Nestor, on the other hand, is. He just finished the tennis season as a part of the number one tennis team in the world, and this time with a different partner. He's one of the handful of guys to win the career grandslam in doubles during the open era, and most impressively he's part of the select few who's done that with not just one partner. To boot, his Olympic gold is with a third partner (what a slut!).

All this and he's not a household name. His grandslam triumphs and his top notch performances are rarely more than an after thought on the SportsCentre bottom line. Fools we are.

Here Canada, be proud.


dennisn said...

That's because tennis is not the state's national sport.

But, really, why should /I/ be proud of /his/ accomplishments? I've never met the man, nor had anything to do with his success. There is absolutely nothing that unites me to him or to you for that matter :D. "Canada"--any state really--is an imaginary idea, and one that I reject. I am not "canadian", but merely an individual living beside this big lake.

So, I don't know who you're trying to address in "Here Canada", or why you would expect complete strangers to feel pride in something they had nothing to do with.

Blind and irrational nationalism frustrates me.


I mean :|.

(PS. Earl Haig used to be my arch nemesis. Woburn too. And maybe Mary Ward.)

Anonymous said...

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