Friday, March 26, 2010

I'll never understand the Canadian Media

This week the Liberal party is having a grand policy conference. This should, seemingly, be welcomed by political commentators given that one of the major knocks against Iggy and his crew is that they haven't really presented many alternatives to the governing party. I guess things like national childcare and abortion strategies in developping nations don't count, but I digress.

Now that the Libs are having this policy conference to, you know, strengthen ideas so they can present themselves as a credible alternative, it's being met with dismissal by the ink armed terror squad. The reasoning - it has too many experts and not enough grass roots involvement. So if I understand correctly, they're knocking the Liberals for consulting policy experts rather than asking Joe six pack (not the plumber) for sensible policy ideas?

Call me foolish - it's been done many times before - but I'd much rather have people who've dissected ideas inside out involved in the policy discussion. Sure, there can be good ideas from the grass roots level, but I for one don't have enough time to juggle my career and personal life, plus determine Canada's environmentally sustainable future.

It feels typical knocking the media, but my inclination is that a media body that doesn't remain earnest in its purpose does a huge disservice to its political process. Nevertheless, I find myself in a position for which at least one commentator criticizes Ignatieff: it's a poignant question how to fix the media going forward, but the solution might be out of my grasp


ottlib said...

All you need to know about the media is controversy sells.

In this age of corporate news that is all they are looking for. If they cannot find it they will invent it.


Leeky Sweek said...

"Now that the Libs are having this policy conference..."

But Ignatieff says this event is non-partisan. I guess not.

Anonymous said...

just curious... is joe six pack eating beer and popcorn. your comment could be construed as elitist. also did the media cover the manning conference? Iggy's perception problem is he is preceived to be elitist, maybe a good thing this conference is low profile

Rotterdam said...

"abortion strategies in developping nations "

At best, this statement is crude, elitist and arrogant.
At worst, well, just look up the founder of Planned Parenthood
Margaret Sanger. Check her views on eugenics.
I suggest the party consult its own MP's who plugged into some of the most effective NGO's such as World Vision. Dan McTeague and John Mackay.
Their focus is on health, food, nutrition and medical care.

Not depopulation.

Anonymous said...

They can't consult Mackay and McTeague. They were not invited.