Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dual Citizenship... what's the big deal?

Ok, so after finding the article on Bourque's site from the Sun (talking about Dion's dual citizenship), I was a bit put off. I wasn't really upset or anything, but I'm just wondering why is this even an issue. I don't know the exact amount of Canadian citizens who have dual citizenship, but I don't think it's something to really donate much time addressing. In my view, it's not an affront at all to "Canadianness" because what a better way to show your loyalty to your country than by choosing it when you actually have a choice. Being patriotic with no other option isn't that bold. As a potential PM, is it a big deal for Dion to be a citizen of France? No not really. I don't think Dion is gonna suddenly start governing with France's best interest in mind; if anything, it might be a nice link to build some bridges with the EU. Maybe Harper should think about that. I honestly don't even have that much to say on this subject because it's such an unnecessary one.

Ok, so now The Star and CTV have written stories about this whole citizenship nonsense. Is the fact that the man ran for public office, fought for the unity of the country, and aspires to lead the country not enough to prove his loyalty. In a country that's full of hyphenated citizens I think it would be quite hypocritical to urge one of our leaders to insult his mother's heritage by giving up his French citizenship. Furthermore, France is one of the countries that gave birth to Canada, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with having our (hopefully) next Prime Minister have that link.

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