Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Harper Argument

So the best those hounding Dion over his French citizenship can do is proclaim that if Harper had an American citizenship there would be much outcry. Umm, hi, I'd like to order some reality with a side of get real! The situation with Harper is that he is already showing that he is overly influenced by American Republican policies. The problem isn't with being "American" per se or having their citizenship, it's the fact that he's republican lite. If Harper had American citizenship, ridding him of his citizenship wouldn't fix the problem because it isn't and never would be the real issue. Yes, perhaps because his policies are closer to the American Republicans' Canadians would take a second look, but once more the main issue would be his policies. Citizenship would just intensify the problem, so in that case it would be more logical for Canadians to be alarmed. If they would like to make a more apt comparison then first imagine Harper having French citizenship. No one would care, in fact it might help his image; he'd probably be seen as more elegant and less of an international embarassment. More likely, what if Harper had British citizenship, no one would care because it wouldn't make a difference. Because of that, everyone should get over it. This debate is frankly insulting.

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