Sunday, December 3, 2006


I was just reading Travers' column. He had the handle on the leadership wrong, and now after his prognostications were incorrect, he's dismissing Dion's victory as a fringe movement taking over the party. I hardly think 54% is a fringe movement. Yes he only started off with over 16%, but the fact is his ideas and principles were not that far off with the Hall-Findlay and Kennedy camps. There, you have a movement already approaching 40%. After the rest of the delegates came to see that a new outlook, not big money was the way to go for the future, Dion became the consensus. In today's time there are very few pundits who are actually worth listening to. They didn't like Chretien, they loved Martin, and they wrote Harper off. Hey, perhaps it's a good thing that they're giving Dion very little respect. In the last election Liberals were lead by someone who was indecisive, and he was the overwhelming choice of the establishment. Although we haven't completely seen Dion's leadership style, precedent will show that Dion is principled, and he was never the chosen one of the Jon Raes and David Smiths. As long as he doesn't forget about the reasons why he was elected leader. Liberals will be fine.

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