Friday, December 22, 2006

Sometimes you pay for what you get...

So this story has been in the news a fair bit lately, and I definitely don't agree with Peter Kormos' efforts to stall the process. Does he think he's doing more for the province and the poor by stalling something that's gonna pass eventually? No he's not. What he's doing if anything is exploiting the misery of the poor for political gain. Furthermore, from my perspective the talent pool at Queen's Park is getting thinner and thinner with talented people like Gerard Kennedy leaving and the rumour of people like Smitherman doing the same. First, federal politics is a bigger stage with likely greater opportunities, so it already has that advantage over provincial politics. What is not needed is a significant pay gap to deter people from provincial politics. If Ontarians want skilled politicians to help fix problems such ans hunger and labour, the province has to do a good job at attracting such individuals. The first step is a competitive salary. The reality is a lot of these people could work in the private sector for a lot more money. Let's be realistic.

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