Thursday, January 25, 2007

And he wants to be PM?

No doubt everyone is annoyed by ATM fees, but I hardly think it's something the gov't should step in and regulate heavily. The most active I could see the gov't being is regulating fee increases, but I don't even know how that would play out. Is this Layton's effort at retail politics? Is this his version of Stephen Harper's $1200 child care plan? Is this the way he plans to distance the NDP in the polls from the Green Party? And you wonder why the NDP has never won federally! I mean it's not a shameful idea, but let's not get crazy. Why not criticize the CPC for their disastrous environmental policy instead of giving them a way out? I'm still baffled...I'm just imagining dipper strategists thinking about an attractive way to appeal to Canadians, and the idea they came up with was ATM fees? I'm glad they're in tune with the pressing issues on the minds of Canadians.

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