Thursday, January 25, 2007

Living wage?

I still haven't made up my mind on how aggressively the minimum wage should be tackled, primarily because my knowledge of economics is pretty rudimentary, so I don't have the capacity to dissect various pieces of analysis in terms of truth or spin. What's funny though is that at the time when we have a government that's been raising the minimum wage for 3 consecutive years after however long we went without increases, there's actually a little heat about it. How quickly the Harris days are forgotten I suppose. I'm not saying we should just take what we can get, but I don't think we're putting the work that this gov't has done in perspective. I mean there are excellent arguments for raising the minimum wage, and there are seemingly solid arguments against it. In the end though, the minimum wage is not gonna be the issue for the families that it would help: there are other important social programs like child care or even welfare that might make more sense. Still, I'd have to learn more to make a decent comment on the subject.

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