Monday, January 8, 2007

He shoots... Does he score?

I copied the Warren Kinsella posted text of Harper's interview on TSN. He may not be able to give a pride inducing speech like Chretien, but this guy is quite adept at targeting the people he needs to. Showing the common touch that Martin never had, Harper appears during the common Canadian pastime being one of the regular guys and showing many people why they should vote for him. Kinda almost makes you forget regressive taxation and bad environmental policy doesn't it? Despite the cheap partisan shot, Harper shines in moments like this. Ball's in your court Dion. This one's going down to the buzzer.

(Kinsella) This is a long one, but it reminds me of the good old days – getting a politician out there to talk to real people, about something other than politics. It was on TSN the other day:

James Duthie (TSN): 3-0 Canada after one period of play. One of the biggest hockey fans in the country, the prime minister, the right honourable Stephen Harper. Did you get much of the first, and what are your thoughts?

Stephen Harper: I saw enough to see all three goals. It's very exciting. A great start for team Canada. Look, they got the offence going. They have the power play going, which everyone said they had to do. I think now the challenge for Hartsburg is to keep the energy high, keep them excited but disciplined. And if they keep doing what they are doing they should be fine. James

Duthie: Strong analysis. We don't need McKenzie anymore. I know you are a hockey historian v you embraced the idea of the shoot-out to decide games as important as that Canada USA semi-final.

Stephen Harper: I have to be honest. I was a tough sell on the shoot-out. I was a historian and a purist. I still prefer overtime. I warmed up to the shoot-out over the years. I guess part of what kind of had me reluctant about the shoot-out for a long time wasn't just that it kind of wasn't our history but also being a little bit after soccer fan as well I hated shoot-outs in soccer. I think the shoot-out in hockey is a lot more about skill, a lot less about luck. So I think -- I would still prefer an overtime, I don't mind the shoot-out.

James Duthie: What about the WIHF version where they can have repeat shooters like we saw the other day?

Stephen Harper: If you are like Craig Hartsburg you can throw a guys like Toews that thread the needle time after time you like it. I have to admit, as a purist I would prefer a team approach. So you have to keep putting different guys out. At this point we just want to win the gold medal.

James Duthie: Listen, I want to say this, if there perhaps is a one-day economic slowdown because everybody is supposed to be working is watching TSN we profusely apologize.

Stephen Harper: Yeah. Well, I appreciate your apology. I'm suspecting I’m going to have trouble getting my phone calls returned today as well.

James Duthie: Thank you. Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper: Thanks for having me.

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