Thursday, January 11, 2007

Little Mosque.... Big numbers

While I was in class discussing the political economy of Quebec, little mosque was entertaining what almost seems like all of the rest of Canada. It's nice to see a Canadian show getting such ratings foremost, especially one that's not Corner Gas, but it's good that it's the CBC because they really need it. Also, it's good that Canadians didn't run away from what could be a touchy subject. Ofcourse, the geniuses at the CBC, for whatever reason, never fail to screw something up. As per the linked article, the very successful pilot will be sent to various timeslots in what seems like the CBC's viscous allergy to success. Hopefully, the show will get better and retain its audience -- that's if they're able to find it.

A little side note: on the way to school today, I saw a couple of billboards advertising Little Mosque. What was funny, though, is that the CBC logo wasn't very pervasive, and even when I went to the CBC site, it linked to a completely external site for the show instead of having it as or something. I wonder why that is... maybe that's the reason for the show's success: keeping an arm's length away from the CBC. On vera.

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