Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary's In!

Yes I know that this is breaking, shocking and unexpected news... ok fine not really, but she's formally put her name in for the DNC nomination. Sort of. Well she hasn't announced her bid, just her launch of an exploratory committee. What? That's basically just a way for candidates to bend campaign finance rules, so they can do massive fundraising before formally entering the race. So she's pretty much in. The link above has a short video of Hillary appealing. It's gonna be a tough race for Hillary becausen she's so well known: there's already so much information about her, that people would likely have a strong opinion of her already -- negative or positive -- and it's gonna be a tough job for her to change it. She's already trying to set that agenda. Though she's seen as a left leaning liberal, she spoke about resonnating issues such as health care, energy independence, and deficits. She also said that she would seek to restore respect for America around the world. This is obviously needed, but it's also just banking on Bush's failure which each DNC candidate needs to do. What I thought was more significant for Hillary is that she spoke about how she came from a middle class family in middle America and worked for what she got. This might be true, but I think she's kinda unforgettable as part of the ever so far from middle class "first family." Still, it shows that she recognizes that she needs to connect to middle american voters not living in New York or California; it's gonna be a tough job convincing the male population in middle America to vote for her. Maybe she can be someone's VP?

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