Friday, January 19, 2007

Little Mosque holding strong

Ok, so now it's obvious that the CBC has been extremely stupid with their scheduling of Little Mosque. The show debuted with a very impressive 2.1 million viewers, so what does CBC do,? Switch the nights, airs a rerun, then switches the nights again and puts it against the juggernaut American Idol. Even though it was thumped byAmerican idol (3+ million viewers), Little Mosque did alright with some very strong -- edit: the strongest -- competition. So now what does CBC do, takes it off the air for a weak. Well the only good thing is that people will be wanting more I suppose. The CBC needs to handle this well because this show has the possibility to be a winner. I've only watched like 10 mins of the show cuz it's on when I'm in class (which is like all the time), but the show doesn't need to be extraordinary, it just needs to be above average because we're in the time when this subject matter is completely apropos. Buck up CBC.

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