Friday, March 2, 2007

McGuinty is getting it right?

If this is a direction of where the Ontario Liberals are going, it's a pretty good step. First, about the environment, it would be foolish not to address what's been described at the number one ballot issue right now, so that was a pretty obvious direction. What's good though is that he is realizing that he's fighting two battles against the dippers and tories. The environment will appeal to anyone, and for child poverty it's a really good way to address the poverty issue, which seems to be a good one as per the recent byelection results. Still, positioning it as child poverty is a good way to not be seen as lefty socialists because who in their right mind would oppose addressing child poverty. A good small step.

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Naijadude said...

Always a nice a smart step, hopefully he could do more to help with the freaking global warming!!