Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So today I recieved an email from my boss advising of procedures on the Aboriginal national day of protest on friday. Hey, I say all the power for them to get their issues on the agenda, or at least more attention on the agenda because whatever action that's been taken has been largely through the bureaucracy. Going through the bureacracy hasn't proven to be uber successful given these living conditions, so it might be worthwhile to seek attention in other ways.

It's still too early to see how much of an effect this will have given the scant media attention that has a nauseating staunch of obligation, but at least the issue is being discussed. Personally, I think this should always be up there with issues such as health care, the environment, and education. Of course it doesn't help with people like John tory offering his advice. With his party's history, should he really be the hardline voice on Aboriginal issues? Likely not.

En tout cas, it seems almost inevitable that this news story will be large from Friday to maybe Tuesday, and by Wednesday, we'll all be talking about Paris Hilton's contribution to the world. That's hot!

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