Saturday, June 2, 2007

This, that, et l'autre chose

Kudos to Dalton Mcguinty for his Ipperwash apology. Whatever the argued motivation is, it was the right move. Period.

Umm, this soaring dollar has me a bit uneasy. I'm by no means adept on monetary policy, so this could just be my Canadian cautiousness speaking. Let's see how industry copes.

I kinda feel like Dion's been a bit MIA for a while now. Sure, I've heard his random comments about this and that, but nothing new or significant. Dion kinda needs to back off his nice guy image a little and kick Harper when he's down. At least he could kick a bit of dirt in his face, and calling Harper a liar doesn't really qualify as such.
I wasn't a Jane Taber fan previously, and now I'm linking to her story. I've kinda warmed up to her now that I know she's a Sens fan. Ah the rational! Anyway, her story's showing that while good politicking might get you in government, good governance will keep you there. The Tories' Summer Job program mismanagement is tattooed with idiocy. Not good governance.

Quebec Politics...

Did anyone really think there was gonna he an election in Quebec so soon again. Hell to the no. I don't think it was a bad idea by Charest to try and call the PQ's bluff because if there were any time to call someone's bluff, this would be it. Still, I think in the end it might prove ineffective because my instinct tells me that quebecers won't warm up to Charest's agenda. Marois will determine the tone of the next election in Quebec.

ROM, Michael Lee Chin, Royson James, Canada, Jamaica... The Canadian dream?
Nice is a bad word, but it's appropriate in this sense; Royson James writes a very nice article about a Chinese Jamaican who's contributed to Toronto's newest landmark. Very apropos considering Toronto's cultural makeup. Read it.


Anonymous said...

I certainly share your concerns about the dollar, especially when the UN are extremely concerned about the collapse of the US dollar because of their huge debt.

I feel trouble brewing. Reminds me of the Reagan-Mulroney years.

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