Friday, July 27, 2007

Mike Harris is the greatest?

I know Rae days were tough, but was Mike Harris that much better. CalgaryGrit is having various competitions done by different people of who the greatest Premier was in their province (with current Premiers excluded). Shockingly, Mike harris is leading the Ontario competition from the results I saw. Either I was too young to get it in the '90s or web based polling/voting is significantly less useful than I thought. I was prewarn, I had as much faith in it as Stephen Harper had in Rona Ambrose of Minister of the Environment. Yes, I just made an unfunny. Oh snap.


The world is only slightly topsy turvy, and Mike Harris finished in 3rd. John Robarts is the winner.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Every contest like this the neo-cons supporters get overzealous - c'mon Manning as the best PM we never had?

I think these contests are becoming stupid and "misleading" to say the least.

You know darn well, if Mike Harris is considered the best, something is terribly wrong with the voting -

Anonymous said...

Apparently these Internet polls are defective. Figure out how to vote multiple times and within minutes you can vote over 100 times. This competition means absolutely nothing. The results are skewed and rigged.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that people can't play fairly. It would make the contest more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I would agree that internet polls are certainly flawed. However, just because you don't get the result you like or expect is no reason to fault the poll. It would have been just as flawed if you favourite Premier had won.

As for Mike Harris, love him or hate him, of all politicians we seen, he did the best job at doing what he said he would do. You may not like what he did, but there were no surprises. Isn't that what we should expect of all politicians--just do what you say you will do, because that why people voted for you in the first place?

m5slib said...

Well for anonymous #4, you do make a good point about not liking the results when they don't suit you; however, I don't quite agree that success should be judged by politicians doing what they said they would do. Ofcourse integrity is important, but so are leadership and humility. Leadership is making sensible decisions in tough times, and humility is sometimes realizing that your perspective might not be the best vision to serve the electorate. In governance things change, and sometimes a great leader has to adjust to those changes. As for Mike Harris, he was quite rigid, to the detriment of the province in my opinion. Yes did what he said he would do, but that doesn't make him great. You wouldn't congratulate a murderer who followed on their promise of a killing spree would you?