Saturday, August 4, 2007

Political Tube

Not much has caught my eye in the last week, or at least not much that I felt required my personal spin. Still, Warren Kinsella's been posting these Youtube Ontario Liberal ads, and I think they're worth calling attention to. There are three so far:

    This is my favourite as Ben Chin reports the news through his Liberal eyes. I like this style. It would be cool if this were an ongoing thing during a campaign -- news updates. On the other hand, if they flop they would be really annoying. Whatever, if these ads don't work Ben Chin can try his luck on SNL's weekend update; he's got the timing.

    This one is a cool idea - Pop up video, but it requires attention to read all the facts and get the message. Clever, but I'm not convinced that it does a great job in getting the message across. This format might resonnate with the above 25 younger adult crowd as they were all over pop up video. Quien sabe?

    Randy Hillier shows he's got his finger on the pulse of environmental issues. (Insert Borat "NOOOT" here)

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