Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ohh Beckham, Taking Pictures

So I'm a pretty big sports fan: Venus Williams, Tiger Woods, Merlene Ottey (wikipedia her), and even Jacques Villeneuve are all my people.

Right now though in North America, it's all about Beckham. So far really, it's as they say, much ado about nothing. That's completely accurate. A sports figure getting Brad Pitt like coverage for, well, taking a plane across the Atlantic. Think about it, right now Barry Bonds - a very controversial figure - is going for one of the all time records, and that story is rivaled, and some would argued surpassed by David Beckham and his broken ankle.

So why is that? Well.. Beckham is good at taking pictures. It's pretty simple. First, he's a good looking guy. That means girls, gay guys, and even envious straight guys are gonna admire his zigazig - ah. If you know what that meant, you should be ashamed of yourself for loving the Spice Girls. Ok fine don't. I'm not. Anyway, about his fans, right there he has a big hoopla headstart because two of the three aforementioned factions who admire him could care less about the sport he plays, so he has a huge market outside of his supposed niche. Then there's taking pictures. He takes pictures of his pretty face. He takes pictures for cologne ads, and he takes pictures of his haircuts. Oh yes his haircuts. His haircuts have gotten more attention than the rest of the whole MLS combined. Evidence: the faux-hawk. I remember that haircut on him, then I remember it being everywhere. Moving on. More pictures: his wife. Even if the regular sports fans don't like Beckham, I bet a lot of the male and female ones would like his wife. She's hot; she's well dressed; she was/will be once more a mega pop star, and she's actually kinda funny.

Beckham's latest pics though are the most telling. Beckham's pics with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Yes he might be more internationally famous than they are, but those two guys are at the top of the heap of American sports stars. While Becks has been in danger of losing his PR momentum because he hasn't been able to do what he came across the pond to do - run around the field so people can take pictures - he took pictures with some pretty famous guys because that's going to get a lot of sports press and keep people talking about him. Victoria Beckham is so smart. What did you think? Of course Beckham isn't the one who drives his PR machine, it's his very cheeky wife. The federal Liberals need to hire her, thought I'm not sure Dion can bend it quite like Beckham.

Back to Mrs. Beckham. She met him married him, and realized that guy was pretty good at taking pictures so she decided to take him around the world to take some pictures. Because of that, they own Britain, they've blown up in Asia, they've conquered Spain, and now they're exploring North America -- one pose at a time.

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