Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Did I miss something on November 8th?

So from Nov 6-8 Ipsos did a poll giving the Tories a 14 point lead over the Liberals - 42-28. Another poll, from Nov 8-11, have the Liberals and Tories at 32% each; this one was by teh Strategic counsel. Either some massive seismic shift happened and I wasn't aware, or there is something to be said about the accuracy of these polls. Is that tuna I smell? No no, Atlantic Salmon.

Either way, I suspect the true numbers are somewhere in between. It's good and bad for both parties. The CPC with their election prepping anouncements haven't been able to really sway enough opinion in their favour, but the are leading. The liberals on the other hand are failing to capitalize on a party that Canadians clearly don't want to embrace, but they're not giving Canadians enough of an alternative.

Now if Jack Layton actually stopped applying for the job of opposition leader and maybe tried for PM there would be a third option. I know -- I crack myself up too.

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