Monday, November 12, 2007

Things I've noticed in this whole Mulroney affair

1) Liberals should continue to press for a public inquiry and give Canadians the answer they deserve.

2) From the interviews I've seen, very few Conservatives are actually defenfing Mulroney; instead, they attack the intergrity of Schreiber. That's fine, Schreiber is shady, no doubt about that, but is there a reason they fail to defend their last leader to get elected to a majority. Liberals should continue to press.

3) The NDP is still the wrong party for this country. While they'll never govern in the foreseeable future, they're still doing a disservice to the country by going easy on the Tories. In this whole Mulroney affair, the NDP members I've seen on TV have been more keen to bring up adscam. First, I think the Liberals have bore all the burdens of adscam, and second, anyone who votes for the NDP instead of Liberals should realize the ramifications. It's nothing new, but it's worth reminding.

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