Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's easy to criticize, and I will!

McGuinty is definitely on base here. This high dollar is not good for the way our economy is structured. Wasn't it a Canadian trait to be cautious and anticipate the storm after the calm, always second guessing our good fortune? Where's the prudence now? I guess it's busy thinking up ways to make everything a matter of confidence. Well I'll make it simple for them: I have no confidence in where they're taking this country. Besides, it's not like those benefits of the high dollar are being passed on to jane and joe consumer. I suppose we should be satisfied with an extra cent off the GST; how much less does a "double double" cost now anyway?

This next one goes under duh! Even though it's not common knowledge to finance ministers current and present, the aforementioned joe and jane consumer (who've now changed their last name to Canadian) are well aware.


Interesting, both Harper and Bank of Canada Economist Stefan Marion expressing some caution about our dollar's performance. Let's see what action if any will be taken.


billg said...

Whats most surprising to me is the basic lack of economic knowledge in Canadians....when the dollar was at 65 cents there were moans and cry's from the uneducated that Chretien should do something, that Canada was being purchased bit by bit by foreigners, I would imagine the uneducated actually thought that Chretien was to get on the phone and ask the US to slow down their economy...and now the howls from the uneducated left moaning about how Harper should get on the phone and tell the US to get their economy back on track. You didnt know back then, and, you still dont know today...Canada is not the pond, we are not the stone dropped in the pond...we are the ripple that hits the shore, which is why I hope to god you folks get your heads out of your ass's and get Iggy in charge of your once proud party, because, Iggy gets it...its better to be the stone.

m5slib said...

well i don't know what the educated leader is referring to about Harper getting on the phone. If this educated reader actually read the article I linked, he would see that McGuinty is calling for an interest rate cut which is done by the Bank of Canada that governs monetary policy, not the government that governs fiscal policy, but I'm sure the educated reader is well aware. Either way, there are more ways other than interest rate cuts to protect our economy long term and short... long term diversity is needed, but those results won't come overtime. In the mean time, there are some shorter term solutions that will be needed because many Canadians will feel the shock of our high dollar.