Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Happened to Canada?

Tonight on the subway coming home, there was another crazy homeless person. She wasn't really noteworthy until she opened the door and stood between the two cars. Then you could see her yelling at no one in particular, perhaps just her predicament. Even then, it wasn't too noteworthy -- just another crazy Toronto homeless person up to crazy things. Then she came back into the subway car seemingly composed after releasing her frustration between the two cars. Wrong. She couldn't hold it in any longer: at the top of her lungs she screamed, "can somebody please help me, I haven't eaten for 3 days. I have no money because I'm homeless." Yes, we're all aware of the shelters etc. This woman, however, represented something that Canada shouldn't be. Isn't Canada supposed to have measures to deal with these issues. Toronto surely doesn't have the money, but it could. Where can it be fixed? I'd much rather fix this than get some measly income tax cut, but I'm sure both are feasible. Thirteen billion dollars later, and I don't think we're gonna get an answer.

I love politics; I love the strategy and the game, but as they say, it's not all fun and games. It's people's lives we're dealing with. As much as it's said, I don't think it's often realized.

...colour me naive.

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Mushroom said...

I see her at least once a week when travelling on the subway.

She says the same thing every time I see her.

I am upset that the TTC's anti-panhandling by-laws are not enforced.

She obviously needs a better schtick. Of course, there is the problem of drug addiction which can lead to the hindrance of making rational thoughts.