Thursday, February 28, 2008

Schreiber-Mulroney; Cadman-Harper

The only thing that separates Stephen Harper from Brian Mulroney is a fiscally responsible Liberal Government.

Mr. Harper came in on accountability, and even though nothing has yet to be proven in Cadman Harper, this supposedly clean Conservative government has been up to dirty old tricks.

1) Not pursuing Mulroney Schreiber when they had the info
2) John Baird's alleged interference in the Ottawa Mayoral race
3) Being investigated by elections Canada for breaking the rules
4) Gary Lunn interefering and scapegoating Linda Keene
5) And now, a conservative nominee accusing Harper et al of trying to bribe a member of parliament for political gain.

Like Iggy said Either the wife of a very honourable former member of parliament is lying and conservative Candidate is lying, or the Prime Minister is lying. Either way, a Conservative is lying to Canada.


Dennis said...

Just a drive-by observation:

1) Not too serious, assuming it (Harper knew about it) is true. It was just a few hundred thousand dollars, out of the pockets of a rich German dude -- it's not like the /Liberal/ advertising scandal, where /millions/ of /our/ dollars disappeared :)

2) "Alleged" = unconfirmed. (What did he supposedly do there anyhow -- I missed that story).

3) Being investigated = unconfirmed.

4) Didn't hear about this one either :| -- but by the sound of their names (totally unrecognizable :), it doesn't sound serious.

5) accusation = unconfirmed.

So, we have 3 unconfirmed things, and 2 seemingly little things -- hardly anything impeachable.

Why are you so pro-liberal? :) -- What did they ever do for you? I think the typical reason people like conservative-esque governments, is because they're supposedly for small governments (a good thing, no?), privatization (a good thing, no?), tax cuts (a good thing, no?), and other such Hayek-ian principles. Admitedly, this economic conservativism sometimes gets mixed up with "moral conservativism" (anti-abortion, etc, etc) -- but that shouldn't be the case. Ontario's Mike Harris was a good example of this, no? Liberals, on the other hand, seem to want to increase the size of government -- they want to centralize power more -- they want to spend more on centralized government-run programs (healthcare, childcare) -- spend, spend, grow, grow -- not a very appealing trend?

Btw -- were you ever a page-boy in the parliament buildings? (I was -- class of '96 @ Queen's park :) Ugh. I'm just curious as to what inspired you to get into politics in general, and /Liberal/ politics in particular :) -- they don't seem terribly inspiring to me (none of the major 3 parties do, really -- they're all bloated and stagnant and similar). (The bloque quebecoise, at times, strike me as inspirational -- but the guy gets repetitive fast). (But there are other very interesting parties -- like the Freedom party, or the good ol' Libertarians -- now those seem inspirational).

m5slib said...

first.. this is not about adscam.. that's over, but let's get it clear that no one can name a liberal parliamentarian or card carrying member if i'm not mistaken who was charged or found responsible....

but i digress.. my point is scandal after scandal can't be coming up just out of nowhere.. the reasona why i use words like alleged is because these things are ongoing and we have to let the process determine the outcome (as it did in adscam.. a very poor process i might add)

... next, i was never a page boy, but the reason why i'm so proliberal is because what they've done for the country.. the main document which they've amended is admired around the world (the cons).. we have the most admired economic record in teh G7 because of their good managment.. conversely, actions by the conservatives past and present have divided our country (see brian mulroney's former pal lucien bouchard) and put us in economic disarray.. mulroney in the 80's and early 90's. now with flaherty/harper playing politics instead of governing, they spent their money frivolously in the fall economic statement, and now they have nothing to support the economy in tough economic times ahead. sure, governments can't completely alter the economic trends especially when the depend on factors outside of our domestic control, but they can use good management to lessen the shock. in this case, they fail miserably.

furthermore, the harper gov't tax cuts are farcical.. when they came in the reversed the income tax cut that the liberals did only to reintroduce it a year later, and they've cut the gst.. while that's a new initiative for them, it's regressive and does little for the average individual who doesn't have an excessive amount of disposable income. as for the new tax free savings... it's not a bad idea, but in a time of an upcoming recession, that's not gonna cut it. if people are losing jobs and not getting money.. how much will they have to save.. asbsolutely nothing, so in effect the savings were already tax free for those most in need because they didn't have anything to save anyway...

dennisn said...

Well, regarding adscam, if it wasn't outright criminal, it was at least outrageously incompetent. And I think this incompetence stems from having such a HUGE bureaucratic machine -- it can almost be expected that millions of our dollars will slip through the cracks. I strongly feel that government should be WAAY smaller -- if it even needs to exist at all.

As for division -- I don't see a problem with it. I have no problem with Quebec separating. Nationalism is an evil. It is an abstraction, which completely ignores the values of the individual. It is also the cause of war; and the reason militaries (read: killing machines) exist. So, judging a government by how well it unifies us, isn't good. Communist countries were really good at unifying their people -- to the extent where everyone was taught to think the same, dress the same, etc. Division and difference should be embraced. Although, granted, liberals do seem to have better positions on moral issues -- but I don't think it's worth all the other baggage they carry.

Also, out of curiousity, how did Harper/Flaherty spend frivolously? I don't like them either -- I also think they're too big, and not too unlike the liberals, except in a different color.

As per the looming recession, it's not the government's job to "fix" it. Nor is there anything it can do, anyways. If anything, it was the government that created it. Free markets run and fix themselves; the free market being a synonym for the will of the people.

As for the stereotypical conservative tax cutting -- I really appreciate the cutting of the GST -- how do you figure it does little for the average individual? Any tax cutting, no matter how small, would be greatly welcomed by me.