Sunday, March 2, 2008

When did the era of bickering end?

I didn't get the memo with the exact date.

Anyway, what do you do when the country's economic prospects are cloudy? Why you undermine the country's economic engine.



the dennis said...

Well, if the country's (ontario's) economic engine is broken (as Flaherty, (and me ;) thinks), than it is his duty to undermine it.

I really do think it is broken -- if the health care system is anything like the education system. Because the education system most definitely is. I don't have much experience with healthcare here (never been to the hostpital), but education here disgusts me. Incompetent teachers, more principals and board trustees and red tape and councilors and etc, etc, than teachers themselves --- it is a typical bloated inefficient ineffective government system. I know their intentions are probably noble -- but it is pretty clear that such systems do not work. History has proven us countless times that we do not work well under tyranny. Students need to be able to choose who their teachers are, where they study, what they study, etc. (Currently, it is ALL forced on us). The reason teachers are so incompetent is because they have no incentive to teach better. They get paid a fixed salary, and don't have to compete for students. If I had a choice, I would DEFINITELY not have picked most of the teachers I had. (I would have picked a couple of them though). Healthcare probably isn't as bad, since the nature of the industry requires more professional behaviour, but I'm sure the same problems exist.

I have to side with Flah on this one ;)

m5slib said...

umm.. if the education system is broken in ontario u needn't look further that Jim Flaherty because his gov't is the one who broke it.. ask anyone who knows anything about the education system, and they'll tell you mcguinty's making great strides to improve it... is it a coincidence his education minister defeated the Tory leader in a head to head competition?

dennisn said...

The problem is the fact that it's a public system. Public education is bad. (Most, if not all, publicly funded things are bad.) This problem can't be resolved with bandaids, or other small fixes -- it (public education) has to be scrapped entirely. Education should be entirely voluntary (there shouldn't be any laws forcing people to DO anything (laws forbidding things are bad enough)). Who teaches what and when and where should all be individually decided. The decisions will and should vary wildly.