Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tories seeping through the facade...

First the idiotic musings about re-opening constituational debates vis a vis Quebec, and not a Tory MP's homophobic history is shown.

Sometimes people say, "hey, maybe a Tory majority wouldn't be so bad," but just remember, in a majority situation Harper wouldn't have to be so strict, and people like those mentioned above would be playing a significant part in government. No thanks.

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dennisn said...

(1) How is ignoring a (near) majority of quebec citizens, regarding quebec matters, idiotic?

(2) That Lukiwski scandal is a perfect example of how traditionally shitty conservative morals conflict with good conservative economics. I wish there was a way to separate the two. Nevertheless, as is evidenced by the harsh backlash to the video (which, honestly, may very well have been a joke -- i wasn't completely convinced by the tone of the video of his sincerity -- it may very well have been satirical -- but probably not :P), from ALL parties, I don't think there is a legitimate fear of the country relapsing into an intolerant fundamentalist church state. (On the other hand, there is a very real threat of socialist parties, like the NDP and somewhat the liberals, of becoming unbearably repressive -- which they already ARE now, for me -- TAXATION IS EVIL! ;)