Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The cops don't just come to your house to have some dessert...

Isn't that right Tories? Remember #3 on this post? Well, it isn't going away after yesterday's raid. And seemingly, there is stronger evidence and now more political traction in this scandal.

Obviously the Tory talking heads have been swamping message boards and blogs to spin this (not a bad strategy btw), but am I supposed to believe, given all the facts and the balance of probabilities, that

1) The Tories didn't do anything illegal regarding campaign finance?
2) They didn't try to bribe Cadman?
3) John Baird didn't try to interfere in the Ottawa Mayoral race?
4) Maxime Bernier is an idiot?

Ok fine, I don't know who put number 4 in there, but for good measure you can argue that the CPC also has some homophobic (see the tape) and racist (oh the secretary of state for multiculturalism) elements.

Really though, this should all be trumped by the fact that they've had very meager policy offerings, and they've taken a fiscally healthy government and put it on the brink of a deficit. But I guess that's, er, leadership?

p.s it's funny to go to any story that CTV posts re: politics to see all the made up tory supporters with random names like John F giving the same spin that the Tories will give in the house and on TV. It's funny how that works out..

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