Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well Mr. Bolt..

You just made the men's 100m at this summer's Olympics a lot more interesting. I hope not, but there's a strong chance of this mirroring the 92' Barcelona women's 200m results. How's that for obscurity?

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Jimmie said...

I'm still not sure Usain Bolt is going to double in Beijing. By the time the men's 200m is held on 8/18/08, he would have run four 100m races (heats 8/15/08, quarterfinals 8/15/08, semifinals 8/16/08, finals 8/16/08). By running in the 100m, he increases his risk of injury, which would diminish his chances of winning the 200m medal. Look what happened to Gay when he doubled in Eugene at the US Trials. As of today, Bolt's coach has yet to decide whether or not he'll double.

As of today, the bookies are agreeing with your prediction of this race mirroring the '92 women's 200m final (USA, Gold; JAM, Silver; JAM, Bronze). They have the following odds for the gold medalist in the men's 100m dash at Beijing:

Tyson Gay (USA), 9/5
Usain Bolt (JAM), 5/4
Asafa Powell (JAM), 2/1