Sunday, May 11, 2008

How about you do your job as a journalist

.. instead of gossiping.

So in this CP story about Dion's proposed carbon tax, they don't actually talk about the pros and cons of a carbon tax. Instead, the talk about the possible potential alleged likely plausible seeming reluctance of some Liberal MP's to accept the measure. Really, is that your job? Shoudln't you be reporting to the Canadian public what is actually being proposed so they can make up their mind on whether they want to support it. I'm sure based on those opinions, be they well informed, MP's will adjust their stance (no matter what party).

I realize I'm being complacent, but how is a guy like Dion supposed to define himself if the press is also obstructing the process. I mean you already have a government that has shady ad spending, his own party that rightly needs an internal flush: they're a part of the current problem, and now the press is dabbling into it.

Addition: there's actually some substantial discussion about real journalism over here.

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J said...

sorry but I do find this too funny. What do you think the NDP and Layton have faced FOREVER. It is hard for me to be sympathetic given that MSM doesn't even bother often times to find out what the NDP are doing or saying about an issue. This continues to be the case even when the LPC Caucus has abdicated their role as official opposition for most of this session. Comparatively speaking, MSM is still in the LPC pocket. For pitty sake you have an entire 'progressive' paper (Toronto Star) that supports any and all Liberal parties even when the parties (provincial and federal) disappoint the editorial board time and again by not being progressive enough (fight on poverty, national child care, minimum wage, affordable housing, public transit, support for cities, etc. etc.). For those who want to find out what the real opposition is doing to fight the Conservative agenda visit: