Monday, May 12, 2008

EI Priorities

There are many things one could focus on when tinkering with Employment Insurance. For instance, I think it should be looked at how to make it more effective for low income earners in big cities, and how to make it more equitable for single parents (mothers). However, this is not one of them. Give it up; work on something that will actually improve the program for the future. Thanks.

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dennisn said...

Yikes. What a mess. The government was clearly in the wrong there -- the money should have remained as employment insurance, and obviously should have been used to reduce future contribution rates. I think they're totally justified in demanding their money back.

But, hey -- what a shock -- given a whiff of a pile of money, the government decides to spend it all, instead of returning it to who it rightfully belongs. It makes you wonder how many other surpluses they squander.

And, I can't help but remind everyone that all such government-forced (effectively at gunpoint) taxation is *extortion* and wholly unconstitutional (were it not for the wholly contradictory clause in the constitution that effectively legalizes extortion). I, for one, would never contribute to EI -- but -- as an allegedly free citizen in an allegedly free country, I am actually a slave.

In conclusion, as others before have done, I'll plug in links to /real/ opposition parties: