Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ceci et Cela

Why would Jason Kenney pick a fight with Romeo Dallaire. He has more statute, more cred, and more expertise than the parliamentary secretary does. Bad move. Not because Mr. Dallaire might by some political heavyweight, but because he's a household name that has a lot of respect. Oh Tories, it's not enough for the Liberals to be their own worst enemy... you had to go and copy.

In a bold, revolutionary move, John Edwards is neither rotund nor female, but he has sung -- albeit with a bit of redundance.

And as I love tennis.. Justin Henin has retired. Never my fave, but she won a lot of tournaments, and 7 Grand Slams. Many will laud her for that feat, but It can't be forgotten that she won quite often against depleted draws. My most outstanding memories of her will be poor sportsmanship at the French Open and achieving well beyond what her stature ever professed.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday, on an open line radio show my jaw dropped listening to the ex military call after another called in to call Senator Dallaire a failure as a General, a coward, and as one said, no more a soldier then the guy that sells hot dogs on the street. These were ex military, most served with Dallaire, and, get this, most wanted to leave their names...some did. I had no idea he was that hated in the military, but, after listening to his comments I now know why. His attempts today to back off those comments are just silly. I'm not saying he doesnt deserve our respect, because in doing the job that he did, he does, but, when you leave the military stage and jump to the political stage you better understand that no one has to salute you or respect you. billg