Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Kennedy mystique

No no, not Arnold's family by marriage.

It would be to this country's detriment to not have Gerrard Kennedy play a key role in this country's future. To the point.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read the plethora of negative comments that are attached to this article before you direct folks to the article. Seems to me there are an awful lot of Star readers who blame Gerrard for the horror that is the Dion leadership. I would go further and note that as a Torontonian familiar with the work of Peggy Nash, Kennedy will have a hell of a fight on his hands. Nash has been a tireless worker for the Parkdale-High Park. She has a significant role in her Caucus and has (along with her Caucus colleagues) been bringing the fight to Harper and his crew every day the House is in session (unlike Kennedy's colleagues who have either voted with or abstained from voting against the Harper conservatives 42 times).

m5slib said...

Well that's astute.. they blame the kingmaker for crowning the king. Novel. Dion's coming around, and I'm confident of that. People will comment online, but it's by no means a scientific representation of broad opinion. If you follow political discussions over the net, I'm sure you'll be aware of the Tories' incessant hacking of comment sections.