Saturday, July 12, 2008

To the left, to the left, and er to the right to the right

Stephane Dion is legit.

Sure, he was dogged by the Tories and the media for all sorts of things, but he has survived. He's even gone beyond surviving, he's turned the corner. Sure, he had many MP's retire during the earlier parts of his tenure, and the caucus wasn't always behind him; however, I think you can say that's he's now on the up-slope. Sure, there will be bumps (and blood perhaps too), but his main political purpose is no longer to deliver Harper a Majority on a silver platter. Recently, Buzz Hargrove, Canada's most notable union organizer has pretty much dismissed the NDP and is seriously considering a liberal run because he thinkgs Dion is "on the right track." Likewise, NPD pioneer Reid Scott is disaffected by his leader and is favourable to Dion's policy. Consequently, he's joining the federal liberals.

Does that mean victory for Dion? Not yet. However, since being elected leader, it's been pretty much common knowledge that's Dion's growth potential is on the left - the right I guess has no affinity for guys with conviction and the intellect to back it up. That means Dion is showing some success in encroaching on Layton's NDP territory. That's a pretty good sign compared to the Tories who are polling lower than their election results, and the NDP who are have the Greens on their heels.

Speaking of the Tories. it seems like they're pushing themselves to the right. They've appointed Preston Manning to some science advisory panel. Yes, former Reform Leader Preston Manning. I'm not saying Prestong Manning isn't a sound policy mind, but for a country of 30+ million, I'm sure there are many more appropriate candidates than what see as a right wing, bible thumping Conservative, but I guess that's what Stevie H. sees as science. If you look at his history, he did appoint John Baird as environment minister. That was well received. Oh yes, while we're on appointments Bernier, Bernier Bernier, Couillard. That last sentence had everything to do with the topic at hand. Anyway, what I want to say is that appointing Preston to this panel is only going to appeal to his right wing base which Stevie H. already has under his belt. Not much room for growth.


Anonymous said...

I have 3 words for you...

Liberal Ken Boshcoff

Blogging Horse said...

Reid Scott was a remarkable politician. His role in giving us the flag Canadians love today should never be overlooked nor forgotten (which incidentally it was during the 40th anniversary ceremony overseen by then-PM Paul Martin in 2005, to the anger of many New Democrats).

But let’s be honest: that someone whose name hasn’t been on a ballot for over 40 years – and whose role in history Liberals couldn’t even remember to mention only 3 years ago - is taking out a $10 party membership is hardly newsworthy.

What is far more interesting are Thomas Mulcair and Francoise Boivin - ex-Liberals of the contemporary era - who have united with Jack Layton to take on Stephen Harper while Stephane Dion makes pathetic excuses for irresponsibly allowing Harper to enjoy the longest minority Conservative government in history!

Anonymous said...

If Buzz runs for the Liberals and stands up before a crowd of auto workers and tells them the green shift is going to be good for them and Ontario; the crowd will lynch him.

Reid Scott joining the Liberals only confirms what most already know;that the party has gone totally over to the socialists. You can kiss the centrist voters goodbye.