Wednesday, July 2, 2008

R v. Morgantaler?

Ok, well not really Regina(aka the crown), but a bunch of people with nothing better to do. All this hoopla: Dr. Henry doesn't deserve the order of Canada, yadda, yadda. Agree with his views of not, he's been a very significant part of recent Canadian history. Most Canadian high school students learn his name, and he's a hero to many even though he's hated by others. Still, that hate doesn't warrant his order being taken away. Do people even put that much into the order of Canada? To be honest, probably not. There have been 5500 given out, and if most of us can name more than 10 with the order of Canada, then you can begin to entertain the debate of who deserves one. Until then, let Michaelle have her little ceremonies and give pretty prizes to whomever she feels. After all, she gets to decide. She IS the head of state (sort of).

Onto more pressing matters...

Apparently Stevie-H is upping the money demand for his little lawsuit against the libs. Is that really the job of the PM, or should he be coming up with good policies in these critical times? Yes, I can hear all the Tory puppets now, "he has a right to defend himself." Bla Bla. What about his duty to lead the nation? Not very effective anymore say I.

And sad news for both big parties: The libs didn't raise that much money last year, and they barely spent anything on advertising. The sad news for the tories is that the libs didn't raise that much money and they barely didn't spend any money on advertising, but Stevie H. et al still can't shake the libs. Instead of the infamous Dion quote, "you think it's ezee to make tough choices," it's gonna be Harper "ya think it's er easy to win without policies?" Just hope he's not dressed in chaps and a cowboy hat while he says it. Smokin'.

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