Friday, October 3, 2008

I don't want to laugh..


Even though Harper's been beaten up a lot over the last couple of days, this just validates it:

I Know Kim Campbell said election campaings are no time for issues, but are they also no time for platforms? If you haven't released your platform by now, there's something fishy. Eleven days to go, and their party still hasn't proposed to voters why they should elect them. I guess they might be delaying their platform release in order that they can actually maintain their lead.

(note partisan jab coming)

Are the Tories scared that their platform will in fact scare off their support?


Carrie said...

You hit the nail on the head with your last sentence.

I think the Conservatives are collectively laughing at the Canadian public. They don't want to repeat broken promises because they want to fundamentally change our country and then, rule forever or be the dominant party. Instead, they are telling us nothing much, little things which, if they don't hold to them and Canadians complain, would be easily dismissed as useless criticism when they renege.

When they do get elected, they will do whatever they want. And when the Canadian public cries or complains, they will respond "well, you were too stupid to think and voted for us without knowing what we were planning. So blame yourself." That's what they're doing. I firmly believe it.

I'm not voting for them but wonder about the state of mind of those who do.

dennisn said...

Well, Carrie, the state of mind of someone who does vote conservative, at least a libertarian who is compelled to vote conservative, as I have already happily done a few days ago, is this: Nobody--not you, not the government, not anybody has any right to force me to pay for things; least of all for things that I adamantly hate. This alone implies the evilness upon which every nationalized institution is based. Now, sadly, not even the conservatives seem willing to admit this fundamental truth, but among the top-5 parties, they are by far the most in tune with this principle. And this is pretty sad.

Allow me to pose three hypotheticals:

(1) I was a young and budding student of medicine. I have spent many difficult years learning my trade. And now when a desperate patient seeks my expertise, hands full of money, I am NOT ALLOWED to help him. Big brother won't allow it.

(2) I am an atheist in a "free" and Islamic country. The majority of my neighbours believe in superstitions involving bloody hymens after they die. Because the voice of the majority trumps any constitutional laws, I am forced to have a part of my dick cut off.

(3) I am a calm, smart, peaceful and productive individual. For whatever reason, I am NOT ALLOWED to grow certain plants in my garden. NOT ALLOWED to buy or eat certain foods. NOT ALLOWED to obtain medical help from my doctor-friend. FORCED to educate my children however the state sees fit. FORCED to pay for professional killers. I'm not sure how long I can continue being calm and peaceful.

Get the picture?