Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mme. Couillard

For some reason, I just keep watching.

Julie Couillard had two interviews in "prime time" tonight: one in french on "Tout le Monde en Parle" and the other in english on CBC Sunday Night. Of course, she's more relevant on the former show as it's Quebec's top rated (likely Canada for that matter) current affairs talk show and the Couillard affair has more legs there.

I don't really think she's going to be that big of an issue in this campaign except that she's one more nail in the coffin of the CPC's 2008 Quebec electoral grave. She reinforced the fact that Quebecers should be wary of the conservative government. She might have even done that in english Canada too, but I think her effect would've been to scare of a few (and I mean few) undecideds.

She had an ok time in the french interview however -- mostly because of the format which is more like a conversation rather than an interview and because it was more light hearted. There was even one segment where she teared up a little. It didn't seem like crocodile tears to me though, but what do I know.

Of course, there's the whole she can't be trusted issue. Really, I don't think it's an issue. That's because there's nothing that she's saying that's not plausible. I don't know if she's honest or not, but the conclusions that she makes aren't at all far fetched. Furthermore, if you're a CPC supporter who didn't believe her to begin with, there's nothing that could've changed that. The only people she might matter to are the aforementioned undecided voters who might be thinking of voting CPC but aren't sure if they should trust them. Well this will give them one more reason not to: it doesn't have to be true, but it will add to the doubts that were already there.

In the end though, like I said before, she won't be a significant factor. Nevertheless, I can't stop watching.

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