Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Warren is right.

Take a look.


dennisn said...

The passion among Obama supporters irritates and depresses me. I don't think these crying masses understand how similar the donkeys are to the elephants--they are both bloated (and growing) power-structures who's *primary* raison-d'etre is to maintain (and grow) power over others. Will he end the war on drugs? No. Will he pull out of Iraq? No. Will he increase the size of government (and taxes)? Most probably. What the hell /is/ the change that he's proposing? None of them know OR CARE--they are content at merely the sight of his fresh new skin color, in the white office. (Thus proving that racism still lives strong within them.)

It's depressing and irritating seeing how naive people are.

I'm never watching Oprah ever again!

(PS. I wish Ron Paul was black.)

m5slib said...

hey... i'll finally agree with you a little.. i kinda like ron paul. i was really disappointed how they just dismissed his ideas.